Easy Tiger

by Easy Tiger

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    Seven and a half minutes of punishment in the triumphant return to the realm of hardcore from Jackson Isleib, member of such Iowa City bands as Breakdance, The Golden Arm, Dangerfield, Thunder N' Terrahawks, and his other, gentler solo project, Sentimental Discotheque.
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released November 11, 2011



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Easy Tiger Iowa City, Iowa


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Track Name: Easy Tiger
It's cold again. It brings disease. I need to be told to take it easy. i know I need a vacation. Some watts or some volts. More inspiration, less irritation. Oh, lift me up.
Track Name: Asshole
My asshole is destroyed. My asshole is a mongoloid. My asshole needs medical help. I think I’m gonna kill myself. I don’t care about anyone else. I just wanna die. Do you know what I mean? There’s nothing in between. There’s just two sides to me. Asleep and in agony. Waiting to expire. Everything is on fire. Can’t put a stop to it. Endless satanic shit. I don’t care about anyone else. I just wanna die.
Track Name: Grampa Ugly
I made up the name for myself because I couldn’t think of anything else. The more I wade through the bullshit, the more the name starts to fit. I’m Grampa Ugly and you fucking suck. I’m Grampa Ugly and I don’t give a fuck. Like your ugly grampa, I don’t understand the kids. I’d hate the little shitbags even if I did. I’m Grampa Ugly. I’ve got a fucking gun. I’m Grampa Ugly and I don’t have fun. I’m full of hate. I can’t relate. I’m a dirty old man with a gun in my hand and a full ammo crate. I’m Grampa Ugly, spiteful and murderous. The potential destroyer of the entire universe. Fat and disgusting with a giant head. I won’t be happy 'til you are all dead.
Track Name: Stains
Blood runs red. Cut so deep. Stains the walls. Eternal sleep. Lady Fortune raped and torn. Virtue never to be reborn. Blood runs red. Cut so deep. Buried torment stains the sheets. Open veins. Sanguine stains.
Track Name: Annihilation
if at the end of the day the best thing you can say is that you’ll get out alive. and your pockets seem emptier still every time that you try. one answer seems clear: between whiskey and beer there’s no way you can lose. or needles and lighters whatever it takes to get high. complete annihilation. wasting your brain. joyous celebration. erasing the pain. get as high as you can and freak out the kids in your neighborhood. get as high as you can and jump out a window and die.